Real People Working


Meet the leadership duo of Real People Working, a Miami digital marketing agency founded by hard workers and passionate dreamers. We use our passion and hard work to achieve our goal - to make your business scale to the highest level of success. Here are the real people behind REAL PEOPLE WORKING…



Hi! My Name is Manuel and I'm the Founder of Real People Working. Since I was little I felt very passionate about marketing and sales. With that in mind, I projected my future business by studying all the channels I could use to promote that product and how to deal with massive sales and distribution. 


As a self-made entrepreneur, I always try to find a business opportunity. A product with great value that I can truly call “my creation”. And after so many years I have finally come up with REAL PEOPLE WORKING. I dedicate our Miami digital marketing agency to all the business owners out there who aren’t afraid to go beyond the mileage to make their business a success.




Hi there! My name is Carali and I'm the Co-Founder of Real People Working. I always adhere to this motto: To always give your best at everything you want to do. That’s why our company is built because we did give our best. And allow us to do the same for you. 


Our company started out as a dream that eventually became our need and passion along the way. We believe that our passion and hard work will be the cause of our success because I personally love a good challenge. But more so, I love making our clients happy with the results of our hard work. Making clients happy as a result is truly priceless!