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Eight Key Elements To Write Killer Content For You Website

When your audience love your content, they will automatically love your website. But you’re maybe asking yourself, “how to write killer content for my website?”

No matter what kind of business you have, it’s necessary to fill up your website with content frequently. And not all business websites provide great content. This shouldn't be the case with yours.

In this blog post, we are going to share with you how to write killer content for your website.

As content writers already know, the value of your content is very important and crucial in making people purchase your products and services as well as keeping them come back for more. That is why they know how to write killer content for your website.

But the reality is, not all business owners are writers. Fortunately, you don't need to be a prolific, award-winning writer to create killer content. You just need to know how to distinguish what should be written and what shouldn't be, among other factors.

The two very basic factors when writing your website content are the following: what's good in the eyes of your customers and what's good in the eyes of Google. We will be talking about the former in a bit but let's just discuss first with what Google has to do with what you write in your website.

Google can be a great friend and partner or it can be your own worst enemy. What's frustrating about Google at the moment is that it evolves much faster than the iPhone. When it comes to any website's effectiveness to sell and reach out, your website is in the hands of Google's mercy.

You need to do your SEO tasks and homework in order for Google to determine your content is valuable and, thus, place you in the first page of their search results. To make it short: if you want to succeed online, creating a valuable content is what you should focus on.

But Can I Just Write Anything I Want?

Yes you can. It's your website after all. But you need to also consider that, when it comes to business, you really need to be very picky about what you write on your website and how you write it. Your website is a great opportunity to extend the branding of your product and services. Below you’ll find Eight Key Elements To Write Killer Content For You Website

1- Treat The "First Ten Seconds" The Most Crucial Time

According to a number of studies, websites will make or break it in their audience's first ten seconds of reading your content. If the viewer keeps interest during these ten seconds then it's most likely that he/she will stay to read some more.

Make the headlines and the first few sentences catchy enough for them to be hooked. It also needs to be short and straight to the point. Also note that you can use more than one headlines at a time, just do it tastefully.

2- Craft Your Content Meticulously To Win In SEO

In our previous article we talked about the importance of SEO in the success of your business website. But SEO wouldn't run without any content. Search engines gather data from your website by letting "spiders" crawl within your website's coding. But the spiders won't be able to crawl into your website if there's nothing to crawl.

If you've noticed, most business websites (or any websites in general) have contents that are meticulously crafted in order for these crawling data gatherers to examine your site's authority and place you on top of the search results. To learn more about the importance of SEO to your website, please click on the link.

3- Understand Your Market And Speak Directly To Them

If you have a specific target market in mind, you should write your content in such a way that they would really love and understand. Use words, phrases, and terms that they use regularly.

Write it in a tone that's familiar to them. If you're having a hard time choosing terms or getting the tone, you can always check blogs and other websites and see how they write theirs.

Shy away from highfalutin words. Many business websites tend to use a lot of jargons – or “big words” because they think it makes the business sound intelligent. Instead, it makes your website sound pretentious.

Make your content more relatable and easy to read by using words that are used in daily life. Stay away from grandiose terms unless necessary.

4- Write From A Marketing Perspective To Persuade Your Audience

Always remember that the world wide web is not young anymore - it has been around for a very long time. Thus, you'll see a lot of good content already up there, virtually everyone has got something to say about every topic imaginable.

But always strive hard to provide the best content that you can put out and you'll be able to attract your readers, lure them in with your words, and convince them to do business with you. Here are some tips on how to write a good content for a website.

5- Quality Over Quantity. Always

Get out of that notion that content is all about the numbers. No, it isn't. And, chances are, you might have come across content mill companies that offer you a bunch of content at a very low price.

But you really have to think twice about this matter because, when it comes to content, quality is more valuable than having a sack full of poorly written content.

It doesn't matter if you can only publish one post once in awhile as long as it's well-made, informative, and entertaining to your audience that they will simply look forward to the next.

6- Be Specific And Provide Detailed Information

People don't just buy without batting an eyelash - except for some who have too much money they just don't know what to do with it.

That's why most people tend to check on websites and search engines to get to the exact information they need. And when you have the right kind of content that is full of information, your customers will most likely take your word and make a purchase.

Providing content through blogs is also a good way to educate your market about what your niche is all about. The more facts and information you give, the more your website will become impressive.

7- Sell The Results, Not The Product Or Services

We all have seen at least one infomercial in our lives, right? Do you even wonder what makes these infomercial successful? It's because they're trying to sell the results, instead of selling the products.

Their content and copy tend to make their viewers, again, create a mental picture. But this time, people are visualizing the positive results your products or services can bring to their lives if they purchase or take advantage of.

You can do the same with your content but be wary about the delivery or else it might end up sounding too sales-y. Trying to “sell too hard” is something most readers tend to dismiss.

8- Enhance Your Content By Using Audio Visual Elements

Content doesn't necessarily mean just words and text. And, in this time and age, it's also important to have videos on your website as more and more people prefer to watch the information, rather than read it (as it requires more time and effort).

Apart from videos, there are other visual contents you can use such as infographs, images, and slideshows. Just make sure the images are coherent to the written content or the message you're trying to convey - you don't want your audience get confused with what you're trying to point out.


And these are the eight elements to write killer content for your website. Yes, writing a website content isn’t easy but it is doable. All you need is to know the right words to use, who you’re trying to reach, how to make it really catchy, and minding the length.

Because, although you know your brand better than anyone else, making a single mistake can cost you the whole lot.

If you still feel this task is highly mind-boggling, then the next solution for you is to hire a web design agency that provides copywriting services. Look for a web design agency that has designated copywriters who knows how to write a good content for your website.

Great copywriters know what words to use in order for your website to catch your target market’s attention and get more potential sales. Real People Working offers copywriting services. Click on the link to set an appointment with us!

One solution to this common problem is to hire a digital agency with designated writers who specialize in learning the ins and outs of your brand, putting your desired content into its best form and organization for your webpage.

Digital agencies like ours have the expertise to craft the words you need to help your website garner the results you are looking for. If you need a new website copy, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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