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Do you need a website? Well, let me tell you this, Institutions, self employees and even job candidates must have a website, period.


So, if your were asking yourself, Do I really need a website?, the answer is yes, you do. You can't have a company or business without a website.   


But, you might also think, Why do I need a website in 2020?, and the best answer is because a website is the only way to show your business, work and expertise to the world, and 2020 is the best year to do it.


Real People Working is the Best Web Design & Development Company In Pembroke Pines Florida so your business, brand, and message are safe with us.


So, What is Web Design & Development? It is the art of making a website that showcases your brand, business, products, services, and contact information using audiovisual elements that attract people's attention and persuade them to become part of your community or your customers.


This is what a web designer does here at Real People Working.


We make sure we understand your industry before starting the Website Design and Development process, and to do this we first have a detailed conversation with you.


We want to know what you do, and what is your goal, meaning what do you want to accomplish with your new professional website. Also, what are the products and services you offer, and a list of your competitor's websites.


Normally companies that are leaders in the market enjoy a high online reputation, and dominate search results in Google. This is great, and what we want to do is identify them and apply reverse engineering.


We want to emulate what these companies are doing great in terms of design, content, marketing, and how they communicate with their audience, but also, what we consider they are doing wrong or could be doing better. Look it at this way, we will use them as inspiration to design a better website...

We find this practice the most important part of our web design and development process since it helps us build the foundation of your website and your business online reputation. But lets not forget the fact that we design the website!

Great designs, optimizations, fast loading speed, interactive apps are just a few features contained in an all Real People Working website designs and also, the key to create a unique customer experience.


I bet this process sounds a little bit overwhelming but, don't worry, we are experts in web design so for us it is a piece of cake. How long does it take us to finish your website? Our average website design takes three to four weeks. 

So, Are web designers still needed?, Should I hire a web designer, Should I make my own website or hire some one?.


These are questions a lot of people ask.  And I hope the above paragraphs give you an answer to all of them and make you realize that yes, you do need a local web designer.


You don't have to look anywhere else to hire a good web designer since here, at Real People Working, you already found a team of local web designers that can make you a website that will help you stand out from the crowds and project your business as the best in the industry. 

We thrive on creating long term relationships with our clients. Our job doesn't end with your new professional website, and there are other ways we can assist you in terms of marketing and promotion, web design changes, or simply keeping your responsive website updated. 

Do you want to know How much does it cost to get a local web designer? and How much does a professional website cost? keep scrolling down to the bottom of this page to  get to Web Design Pricing. 



We are Pembroke Pines Best Web Design And Development Company in Pembroke Pines Florida so,  we want to show you our Best Web Design And Development Work. Feel free to click on any Web Design Sample to display the entire Home Page.


We know budget is a very important factor when you are hiring a web designer. That's why we offer two different Web Development Packages, Silver and Gold. On every web design project we take, regardless if you choose Silver or Gold Package, the process to design your website is the same. 

1- We get 50% up front of the total project price.

2- We show you 5 different templates based on your industry and you tell us which one you like.

3- We ask you for images, text, logo (if you have one), and corporate colors.

4- We start working on your web design.

5- We fill all the template pages with your corporate colors, images, videos, text, contact information, and location.

6- We send you a link to do the first revision. You make notes, and send it back to us. "You have two rounds of revisions available for the project". 

7- We ask for the  50% of the remaining project balance.

8- We make the necessary changes and we send it back to you for approval. "You still have one round of revisions available at this point".

9- Once the work is approved, we proceed to connect all the internal links and make sure everything works great.

10- We work on the mobile view and we make sure the web design looks good and functions well in all type of devices.

11- We ask for the total remaining project balance. 

12- We proceed to transfer the property of the website to you. 




It is time to take action! Choose The Best Web Design and Development Plan that suits your needs, budget and get started today. 





$100 / Per Page  


3 pages website will be:

$545 + $300 = $845

5 pages website will be:

$545 + $500 = $1045

10 pages website will be:

$545 + $1000 = $1,545

Get 1 Additional page for FREE.

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(754) 207-6139

Silver Package is for those who want a great responsive website but no necessarily a customized design. With Silver, you will get a beautiful website design with all the required tools you need to generate credibility and trust, keep users in your professional website, and convert them into new customers. But, we stick to the template.  

Wix Template

1 Hour In-Person Brainstorm

Social Media Integration

Mobile Responsive

Social Sharing

Google Maps

Mailing List App

Contact Form

Photo Sourcing

Google Analythics

404 Redirect

XML Site Map

2 Rounds of Revisions





$100 / Per Page  


3 pages website will be:

$745 + $300 = $1045

5 pages website will be:

$745 + $500 = $1245

5 pages website will be:

$745 + $1000 = $1745

Gold Package is also a template design but, Gold is more for people that want a customized design. We will be able to do more stuff like move things around and, add more features. Features that don't come with the template but we can use them to give more personality and uniqueness to your website. If you like to add a personal touch to your responsive website, this is the right package for you. 

Customized Wix Theme

1 Hour In-Person Brainstorm

Social Media Integration

Mobile Responsive

Social Sharing

Google Maps

Mailing List App

Contact Form

Photo Sourcing

Google Analythics

404 Redirect

XML Site Map

2 Rounds of Revisions


Whether you are looking to have a new professional website, redesign your old one, rank your business on the first page of google or having a beautiful and efficient e-commerce  store, here at Real People Working we won't rest until all your dreams and goals are fulfilled.




Why is Web Development Important For Your Business

The same way that you want your actual establishment or office to look its best for clients and customers to see. When people reach and check your website out, the design will automatically provide the impression you want your business to show. Most of the time, first impressions happen during the first few seconds after looking at your website. So it's essential that your prospect clients would have a glimpse of what your business is all about and what you can offer. All of that with just your design. When you use an outdated design, on the other hand, you won't be able to leave a lasting impression for your business. If your audience won't find your website appealing, then you can kiss goodbye to the chance of providing products and services from them. You'll miss a lot of earning opportunities because your site visitors would go to your competitor's website instead (that is if they have a better website than yours). Guess what we're trying to say is this: A good web design is important because it helps your brand reach out to your customers fast. We know it's cliche, but first impressions do last. And with your audience be able to visit your website at the comfort of their own privacy, your business can be easily judged. Your design is the deal breaker. The design can either retain your prospect client's attention, or it could be the reason for them to walk away from your hands.

What comes with your web design package? How Do We Pay?

Our web design package comes not with just a customized website, but also with other things. First, we make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. If there's more important in online marketing today, that would be a mobile-friendly website. Second, we are going to give you some tools and tutorials on how to manage your website. That is, if you want to manage your website on your own (either way, we are going to give it anyway). Third, we can give you up to three free write-ups each month - an updated website is important for SEO. Lastly, we provide free customer service. You can contact us when there are problems with your website and you need it fixed right away. Also, please do know that you have the full ownership of the website once it's done. AS for the payment, we have a number of options you can choose from. You can either pay us one time big time and up front, or you can also pay us via a set of automated monthly payments. We understand that some businesses have a tight budget, and that having a customized website can be such a huge investment. That's why we are offering some options on how to pay us so we can also cater to small businesses. We accept checks, all major credit cards, and Paypal. To learn more about our website packages, click here.

What Can We Do To Help You Create Our Responsive Website?

You can do so much to create the best website for you. We won't design it just out of thin air, so your input of how you want your website to look is more than essential. That's why we need to have a meeting because we are going to ask a lot of questions - from the layout you like, to the fonts, down to the type of content you want to have. Speaking of content... When it comes to writing content, we suggest to do all the writing. Why? Because you know your business better. You know the right words to use and you have a better knowledge of how your business should be represented. But if you need aid in that department, we have a content writer in our team who would be glad to help you with the write-up.

Are websites costly?

You may have to set aside cash for it but a price of a website depends on what the project needs to work, and every project has different, specific needs. Therefore, it's important to gather vital information first about the business and its upcoming website before we can quote a price. As mentioned, each business website is nique in its own way and have different pages and approach - that's why it's recommended to have a website customized to fit your business branding. To ensure we get all the information needed, we are going to make an assessment first. We are going to ask a lot of questions, do some on-site tour if necessary. That way, we would be able to give you a quote. On an average, each customized website would cost around $3,000 to $5,000. But that would still depend on what you need to have on your website.

Will it take time to create a website?

Just like the price of each website, the amount of time spent on creating websites depends on what the business needs. On an average, a website would need up to two months for the turn around. The time needed to finish a website, however, could be cut short if the website has a straightforward, clean, and simple design. But, creating a website doesn't stop when it's finished. Of course, we are going to provide a time window for edits and updates. All of that depends on your feedback. If you don't like too much what you see, that's okay - we can always alter it until you're satisfied. Most web design companies such as us allow revisions up to three times. This way, you would be able to really assess what you want. At the same time, we would be able to work on your website at a given time frame.

There are free website platforms out there. Why shouldn't we use them?

By all means, you actually could. Platforms such as Blogspot and Wordpress can help you create a website for free where you can post pictures, create pages, and write daily blogs. And the operative here is "free". Who wouldn't want a website for free? But if your going to take your business website seriously, you should have it customized. First of all, free website platforms won't provide you a lot of options when it comes to design (you may only choose from their gallery of web designs). Second, you can only post so much as you have a limit of megabytes you can use every month. So, if you need to upload a lot of photos, articles, or documents, you may need to look on getting a customized website instead. Third, having a or on your business URL may not look and sound too professional for your business. Bottom line, if you want to have more control over your website, you need to have a customized website. If you want to learn more of the advantages, we are happy to talk to you about it. Call or email us by clicking on the link.

Should I be from Pembroke Pines Florida to work with you?

There are a lot of advantages to have client from the same area as us. Contacting is easier and reaching out personally is faster. However, we also cater to clients who are not from Miami-Dade county, or even from out of state. Our small team is located in different parts of the world and we all work remotely. So, it's not difficult for us to work with someone who is also from another part of United States.

Can I Take Over Once The Site Is Finished?

If anything, we would love that our clients would be able to manage their website themselves. But if it's something that you don't have time for, don't worry. We can always provide website maintenance services to our clients who are more focused on running the business. If you want to know more about our website maintenance services, click here. Whether you want to manage the website yourself or not, we will always have your best interest with us. If you're having a hard time managing your website, we can provide a set of video tutorials on which you can learn how to work your way through the admin. Also, you can always leave us a message or call us whenever you have questions. We are always happy to help.